Digital Twin Fuels the Future of Power Generation

Digital Twin Fuels the Future of Power Generation

Bridging the gap between Digital Innovation and Operational Excellence

In power generation, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science and operations has become a catalyst for unprecedented efficiency and foresight. Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), with its strategic partners, takes pride in charting the intricate terrain of digital twins, seamlessly aligning them with the pragmatic intricacies of real-world power plant operations – our  journey into “The Learning Power Plant.”

Beyond its role as a mere digital or mathematical  representation, a digital twin serves as a portal where real-time training experiences and predictive maintenance seamlessly merge. It transcends conventional boundaries with simulations to proactively prevent failures, minimize downtime, optimize overall efficiency, and explore possibilities while mitigating risks.

Digital Twin: 
In the power industry, a digital twin is a virtual replica that enhances monitoring and analysis, as well as optimizes performance with real-time data and simulations for greater reliability and efficiency.

Applied Intelligence Unleashed: Game-changing Insights in Power Plant Operations

At the approach’s core lies the prowess to simulate and understand causation, elevating intelligence to actionable insights. This groundbreaking journey—spanning from root cause analysis to the deployment of smart actuators—encapsulates the essence of elevated AI, Applied Intelligence. With an array of 210 possible combinations, AI empowers operations through digitization, visualization, simulation, emulation, extraction, orchestration, prediction, and more.

The digital twin foundation pyramid stands tall, incorporating essential elements crucial for building a robust AI and data science infrastructure. From ensuring reliable data flow and instrumentation to leveraging analytics, machine learning, and deep learning, each layer forms the bedrock of an effective digital twin strategy.

In the relentless pursuit of AI excellence, it must adhere to the data science hierarchy of needs. The navigation spans from meticulous data collection and exploration to the strategic deployment of machine learning algorithms, guaranteeing a solid foundation before venturing into advanced AI territories.

The Learning Power Plant: Navigating Complexity and Precision

At the heart of ADI’s initiatives lies the innovative concept of “The Learning Power Plant.” Here, digital twins, unified asset health, and real-time operations converge harmoniously. By seamlessly blending actual scenarios and data-driven decision-making, power plants not only innovate operations and embrace risk aversion but also pave the way for directive steps and measures.

ADI will enable power plants to leverage digital twins for leaking-valve prioritization, dynamic steam temperature adjustment, and combustion dynamics monitoring. These groundbreaking innovations will redefine efficiency, and proactively address potential issues in power plant operations. Power plants grapple with the challenge of multicollinearity. Emphasizing the significance of accurate models and the need for continual refinement, ADI will navigate its complexities with the power of AI’s unwavering precision.

Embarking on the roadmap to a digital twin involves a systematic journey across functions. It starts with foundational work and data engineering, ensuring that the data is mature and well-organized for a precise and effective representation. The company will then progress through creating simulated models, refining its understanding of real-world scenarios. This journey culminates in advanced event annotation, marking significant occurrences with precision. Each phase – including data maturity and cleaning – adds a layer of sophistication, ultimately resulting in a future-ready ecosystem powered by both human experts and AI. 

Being the sophisticated counterpart of industrial assets, the digital twin serves as a vigilant observer, continuously observing data. It predicts and responds to challenges by utilizing advanced analytics and self-learning AI, enhancing operational and financial performance across power assets and plants in the industry.

Digital twin offers near-real-time linkage between the physical and digital realms. This paradigm shift enables fundamental design and process changes, optimizing efficiency in manufacturing processes through continuous analysis of data from thousands of sensors. Crafting this requires a meticulous approach to design processes and information requirements, ensuring flexibility and scalability in the conceptual architecture to adapt to market changes.

The journey to align a digital twin design with real-world power plant operations represents a continuous evolution. As we all wholeheartedly embrace the Learning Power Plant paradigm, ADI stands at the forefront, redefining the future of power generation through pioneering advancements with seamless integration of data science and AI.

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