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Data is one of the most valuable assets a business can have. Understanding how to use it will help you make better business decisions, understand performance, and improve processes.

Data is the business of the present.


Built by ADI, Parlay is a secure data exchange platform that enables limitless data sharing, perpetual ownership and granular access rights to the data by the data product owner.

An integrated data science platform designed for faster access to datasets from a wide range of sectors, Parlay offers users a unique ecosystem for data insights. #ParlayData into infinite possibilities.

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As the core platform technology provider for Parlay, Harbr helps connect Aboitiz business units, people, and data, to share and collaborate at scale, unlocking new value and insights. Harbr’s technology allows ADI to manage the data product lifestyle across the network where full control and auditability is granted. With the ability to automate data sharing agreements, enable secure multi-party collaboration, connect disparate datasets and ultimately generate new insights, ADI can help your organization build a data sharing platform just like Parlay.

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