Mico Bagsit

Mico began as a SAS Consultant until Python and R provided him several opportunities in banking. He started being a business analyst in MAS and HKMA Regulatory and Financial Reporting in an international bank where he developed and validated models in Basel and IFRS9. After, he focused in the Financial Crime and Compliance space where he implemented solutions in AML and Fraud.

Mico currently leads and oversees the Audit, Risk, and Compliance AI Unit of Aboitiz Data Innovation and Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank). He build teams with Internal Audit Group, Credit Risk, and Compliance for model development and business analytics to focus on translating business problems and requirements into data products using advanced statistical and machine learning models, supporting and helping UnionBank make data-driven decisions. Also a part of his mandate is to oversee and manage the Model Risk Management of all the models in the parent bank and its subsidiaries. His personal favorite is Model Validation which scrutinizes and deep-dives all the models to be operationalized.  

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