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Finding the best home at the right price with Data Science and AI

Property appraisal and value estimation are prone to human errors and bias due to price subjectivity and the lack of knowledge on the i...

The Effect of Fast Loans on Financial resilience-building Behaviors and Mental Well-being

The OECD highlighted the importance of financial resilience for vulnerable households in the long term, beyond the COVID-19 crisis. In ...

Anti-discrimination Laws, AI, and Gender Bias: A Case Study in Non-mortgage Fintech Lending

The researchers provide technically and legally permissible approaches for firms to reduce discrimination across different anti-discrim...

Data for Well-Being: A paradigm of awareness?

Placing data at the centre of everyday decisions requires changes in individual skills and attitudes, organizational structures, polici...

Consumerism of First Time Mothers in the Philippines: Comparison Across Income Classes

The study aims to understand purchase behaviors in first-time mothers across different geographical regions and income classes in Luzon...