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Unlocking Potential with Cutting-Edge AI

Delivering AI-Powered Solutions for Your Business

At Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), we’re not just about data — we’re about pioneering change. Our AI-powered solutions are designed to propel your business into the future.  Here’s how we empower your journey:

  • Unveil key business insights with our precision-driven AI models.

  • Stay ahead with AI tools that dynamically adapt to market shifts.

  • Boost efficiency through our evolving intelligent automation systems.

  • Partner with ADI for collaborative, innovative solutions in DSAI.

Our Industries

Financial Services

Fuel financial growth with data-driven AI solutions: Enhance risk, efficiency, and revenue management

Power & Industrials

Unlock the power of data and AI to drive sustainable, efficient, and future-ready solutions.

Public Sector

Enhance community's efficiency, and engagement with tailored-made AI and data-driven insights.


Customized AI Innovations for Sector-Specific Challenges

At ADI, we blend cutting-edge AI with deep industry insights to craft solutions that propel your business forward. Our expertise lies in decoding complex data patterns to unlock actionable strategies, ensuring your enterprise stays ahead in the dynamic market landscape. We’re not just about theories; we turn data into real-world progress.

Data Science

Translate data into actionable insights with key tools and models. Embrace data storytelling for clear communication. Data science is beyond mere collection and visualization.

Data Modeling and Validation

Model to visualize system relationships and validate to mitigate decision-making risks.

Collaboration and Consulting

Discover opportunities using DSAI; create innovative solutions with diverse tools and models.

Human-centric AI

Operationalize AI to boost efficiency, sustainability, and personalize services across sectors.

Data Quality and Architecture Review

Safeguard data accuracy from profiling to scorecard visualization; optimize data architecture with clients.


Use data and AI for transformative initiatives; utilize applied research in client services for success.

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