Our Solutions

We have partnered with various businesses across industries to develop and deploy solutions that address business, social, and environmental challenges.

Banking and Financial Services

We helped a major Philippines bank transform its banking and financial services by leveraging DSAI solutions to develop and deploy customer-centric innovations. Along the way, we’ve also helped advance their financial inclusivity goals in their community.


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ADI worked with a major cement manufacturer to revolutionize their production process using DSAI, improving production efficiency and reducing emissions while delivering consistent, high-quality and market leading products.


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In partnership with a multinational food and agriculture client, ADI helped develop a one-stop portal that not only addresses ease of access to data-driven food and agribusiness solutions, but also data security.

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ADI delivered scalable solutions that enabled one of the largest producers of power in the Philippines to accelerate digital transformation ensuring the availability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability of energy supply while creating long-term value for communities.

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Using predictive models and advanced analytics, ADI worked with a major real estate developer to partner with a financial services provider to employ a cross industry solution, delivering better services to their customers.

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