Data Management & Architecture

Strategic data lakehouse management, secure data exchange, and advanced analytics address key challenges in data integrity and insight generation.

We pioneer the forefront of Data Management & Architecture, transforming the landscape with our Managed Data Lakehouse.

Explore how our Managed Data Lakehouse redefines data accessibility and analysis, offering solutions with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Managed Data Lakehouse

ADI’s Managed Data Lakehouse simplifies data management, making it accessible and ready for analysis, facilitating swift, informed decisions.

Secure Data Access & Exchange Platform

ADI’s platform, with Harbr, secures data sharing in a private cloud, enabling efficient and safe data exchange.

Dashboarding & Analytics

ADI’s Dashboarding and Analytics services transform data into actionable insights, enabling organizations to monitor performance and make informed decisions.

Managed Data Lakehouse

Our Managed Data Lakehouse empowers organizations by democratizing data access and enhancing governance.

With ADI, data is not only consolidated for easier analysis but is also maintained with best practices at the forefront, enabling quicker, more reliable decision-making processes.

Centralized Data Management

Ensures all data is accessible and analytics-ready, streamlining data science model deployment and decision-making processes.

Enhanced Analytical Capabilities​

Facilitates sophisticated data science applications, boosting revenue opportunities and reducing risk.

Flexibility & Cost-Effectiveness

Offers a scalable solution that manages vast amounts of data without heavy infrastructure investments

Expert Access

Provides direct access to experienced data engineers, eliminating the need for extensive in-house expertise.

Secure Data Access & Exchange Platform​

Through our exclusive partnership with Harbr, ADI provides a Secure Data Access & Exchange Platform that transforms data collaboration.

With comprehensive governance and perpetual ownership rights, clients enjoy unparalleled control and flexibility in data exchange, enhancing value generation from their data assets.

Fully Branded, Private Cloud Deployment

Empowers clients with complete control over data sharing, fostering strong, sustainable relationships.

Multi-Organization Collaboration

Ensures secure and efficient collaboration across different organizations with robust control and governance

Secure Collaboration Environment

Accelerates the development and customization of high-value data products, significantly reducing time to value.

Strategic Data Democratization

Enables the creation of high-value data products and innovative solutions, driving commercial outcomes

Dashboarding & Analytics

Our service offers scalable and flexible analytics solutions, turning complex data into understandable insights. With self-service capabilities, we empower users to explore data, fostering an agile and competitive business environment

Informed Decision-Making

Real-time insights into KPIs and trends enable proactive business decisions

Enhanced Customer Insights

Deepens understanding of customer behavior, driving personalized experiences.

Operational Efficiency

Pinpoints process improvements, reducing costs and boosting productivity

Agility and Competitiveness

Enables the creation of high-value data products and innovative solutions, driving commercial outcomes.


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