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Capitalizing on the digital revolution, companies are transitioning from traditional finance models to ones that use machine learning and AI. This allows them to create personalized offerings, acquire customers more expediently, and provide exceptional customer experiences. With technology acting as a catalyst, businesses can gear up for success in an intensely competitive market while providing their customers with limitless possibilities.

As the financial services industry continues to evolve, companies need to be able to make better decisions based on data from multiple sources. At ADI, we use AI and machine learning technologies to help you create a foundation for decision-making that is constantly scrutinizing ahead.

To help our clients in both the private and public sectors stay ahead of the curve, we offer AI-driven solutions to reinvent business models, solve challenges, and monetize data securely. Our expertise enables financial institutions to leverage their data for improved operational efficiencies, risk management optimization, and increased revenue. We are dedicated to partnering with our customers so they can thrive amidst a dynamic environment while reaching their desired objectives.

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Banking & financial services in the private sector & public sector

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ADI offers a deep and broad portfolio of use cases, developed over 8 years of working with Aboitiz Group Financial Services businesses. Our expertise covers customer lifetime value, risk (AML and credit), revenue, and process optimization.
ADI has extensive experience in model discovery and deployment across various financial services segments, including retail, MSME, insurance, corporate, and digital banking. Our actual use cases demonstrate our approach, challenges, and revenue and process efficiency upside.
ADI has won multiple awards from various organizations in the region, recognizing our utility, innovation, and approach to data science.
ADI's data modelling discovery, development, UAT, and production approach follow industry-standard controls and risk management processes in a regulated environment.
With over eight years of continuous data science experience, ADI is confident in providing a minimum 5x multiplier from investment to value.

Financial Services Solution Offerings

Risk Management

Risk Management

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Revenue Optimization

Revenue Optimization


Parlay is a secure data exchange platform that enables limitless data sharing, perpetual ownership and granular access rights to the data by the data product owner. An integrated data science platform designed for faster access to datasets from a wide range of sectors, Parlay offers users a unique ecosystem for data insights. #ParlayData into infinite possibilities.

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As the core platform technology provider for Parlay, Harbr helps connect Aboitiz business units, people, and data, to share and collaborate at scale, unlocking new value and insights. Harbr’s technology allows ADI to manage the data product lifestyle across the network where full control and auditability is granted. With the ability to automate data sharing agreements, enable secure multi-party collaboration, connect disparate datasets and ultimately generate new insights, ADI can help your organization build a data sharing platform just like Parlay.
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Case Studies

Transaction Monitoring (Financial Crime)

Transaction Monitoring (Financial Crime)

ADI’s Transaction Monitoring solution is designed to enhance alert management by improving the accuracy of alert detection while simultaneously reducing the number of false positives.

Leveraging advanced data science and AI methodologies, ADI has developed a machine learning model that scores alerts based on patterns seen in the current data. It enables the setting of a threshold for auto-disposal based on risk appetite, which reduces the need for manual review. The model is continuously learning to detect anomalous behaviors and suspicious activities with a higher degree of accuracy than rules-based systems.

ADI’s approach to transaction monitoring complements existing solutions and offers many benefits, including:

Improved Financial Crime Detection

Higher quality STRs to regulators

Increased Efficiency

Reduced operational costs due to auto-disposal of alerts

An AI Layer Without Disruption

Hybrid approach of rules-based systems and AI complements existing alert management processes, reducing the need for disruptive changes.

Alternative Scoring for SME Lending

Alternative Scoring for SME Lending

ADI’s Alternative Credit Scoring solution enables lenders to reach a wider customer base by identifying creditworthy borrowers who may not meet traditional credit requirements.

At ADI, we use innovative data science and AI methodologies to leverage non-traditional data from publicly available sources, government data, partners, as well as data sourced directly from clients. Our machine learning models identify significant alternative data points and patterns that effectively measure credit risk, delivering a more inclusive and accurate approach to assessing creditworthiness.

ADI’s approach to credit scoring powered by machine learning models benefits both lenders and borrowers:

Financial inclusion for underserved communities

Increased revenue by onboarding more customers with minimal risk

Faster loan approvals and reduced manual reviews through instant credit decisioning

Effective risk management allowing lenders to calculate risk and price products accordingly

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