Alternative Scoring

Efficient deployment of capital into underbanked markets represents multiple challenges for lenders stemming from saturation of banked profiles, high rates of first payment default and non-performing loans.

We are here to advance Alternative Scoring solutions.

Leveraging on our proven track record within the Aboitiz conglomerate and working with the leading financial institutions in the Philippines, our alternative credit risk engine, custom modelling projects and lead generation services allow lenders to bridge the financing gap through overcoming their data gap.

GeoSocio Analysis Engine

Alternative data sets are built off of proxies for character and/or capacity. Whilst the method is proven for retail or microloans, applying this model for micro, small or medium enterprises (MSMEs, SMEs) may not always be reliable.

Custom Modelling

Rules based expert decisioning engines and relying on bureau data can be frustrating when going after new to bank customers that are no file or thin file.

Pre-Qualified Lead Generation

Whilst alternative data sets and AI derived underwriting can provide lenders with a robust suite of services to take on new to bank customers, they are unable to resolve challenges around low conversion rates and return on marketing dollars.

GeoSocio Analysis Engine

Built using cutting edge deep learning techniques, ADI’s GeoSocio Analysis Engine instead looks at the surroundings of where the MSMEs and SMEs operate their businesses, including nearby points of interests, elevation and/or road access in order to derive probability for financial repayment.

This approach provides Lenders an alternative solution for no file, thin file MSMEs or SMEs whilst also decreasing the manual processing times for small business loans.

PDPA Compliant Credit Assessment

Leverages geographic and statistical data for non-intrusive, privacy-compliant credit risk evaluation.

Tailored for MSMEs and SMEs

Tailored analysis for MSMEs and SMEs, overcoming traditional credit assessment challenges of no or thin financial histories.

Accuracy in Risk Prediction

Enhances predictive models with deep learning, improving decision-making with better accuracy for MSMEs and SMEs

Efficiency in Loan Processing

Reduces manual loan processing times, streamlining operations and accelerating small business financing.

Custom Modelling

ADI’s data science team, built from working across the Philippines’ leading financial institutions, is able to uncover hidden insights from your organization’s data.
Bringing in expertise and best practices around enterprise data management, ADI’s custom modeling service is end to end from data exchange, data processing, modeling, tuning, data visualization and deployment into production.

Underwriting Transformation

Enhances manual underwriting with machine learning and data science, revolutionizing your process with automation and advanced analytics

Insightful Data Utilization

Identifies predictive leading indicators, moving beyond outdated, months-old data to make more informed credit decisions

Quicker Processing Times

Accelerates loan approval and disbursement, leading to faster revenue generation and enhanced customer satisfaction

Dynamic Pricing Capabilities

Enables risk-adjusted pricing strategies, allowing for improved approval rates or reduced default rates, optimizing financial outcomes.

Pre-Qualified Lead Generation

Working across the Aboitiz Conglomerate, ADI with our data partners have built a marketplace of pre-qualified borrowers.

Our approach combines all of our alternative scoring capabilities, data security and exchange best practices to segment potential borrowers into risk ranked deciles for lending partners. Our data partners are in full control of their data and only anonymized data is exchanged.

Why partner with us as a data supplier?

Enhanced Customer Value

Offers embedded financing options, enhancing the value proposition to your customers, fostering growth for both parties.

Control Over Customer Communication

Maintains supplier autonomy over customer messaging, ensuring brand consistency and trust.

Secure Data Practices

Employs best practices for secure data exchange, ensuring anonymized data sharing to protect privacy.

Access to Official Financing

Provides your top customers with official financing options, enhancing loyalty and satisfaction.

Why partner with us as a lender?

Assured Customer Pool

Access to a marketplace of pre-qualified borrowers, streamlining the acquisition process

Higher Approval Rates

Improves loan approval rates and reduces the incidence of first payment defaults through better targeting

Growth Achievement

Supports hitting growth targets by providing a reliable source of new customers

Efficient Marketing and Capital Use

Enhances return on marketing investment and smarter capital deployment, optimizing financial resources.


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