Customer Lifetime Value Customization

ADI spearheads the integration of machine learning to redefine the enhancement and insight into Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Delving into the realm of sophisticated analytics and data science, we utilize approaches such as propensity modeling, loyalty assessment, and satisfaction analysis, offering unparalleled perspectives on customer-brand interactions.

We harness AI for stronger customer bonds, targeted engagement analytics, and predictive behavior modeling to amplify value.​

Drawing from our established success within the Aboitiz conglomerate and collaboration with top financial institutions in the Philippines, our data models empower you to refine customer engagement strategies, forecast sales accurately, and understand the core of customer loyalty. Join us in navigating the future of customer value assessment, transforming your data into a pivotal competitive edge.

Propensity Modelling

Propensity modeling uses data and machine learning to forecast consumer actions, enabling targeted marketing and smarter engagement. It improves customer loyalty and value, providing a competitive advantage. While effective, its applicability, like alternative data in financial assessments, varies with context, especially for MSMEs.


ADI’s survival modeling predicts customer churn using historical data, enhancing retention through targeted strategies. It segments customers by churn risk, allowing for personalized interventions. Continuous updates ensure strategies evolve with customer trends, boosting loyalty and competitiveness.

Propensity Modelling

Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, ADI’s Propensity Modeling Framework delves into customer interaction, transaction histories, and engagement metrics to forecast future behaviors and preferences.

This methodology equips businesses with the foresight to anticipate customer actions, enabling precision-targeted marketing and retention strategies. It offers a dynamic solution for enhancing customer understanding and loyalty, while significantly streamlining strategic decision-making processes.

Strategic Precision

Empowers businesses with data-driven insights for accurate prediction of customer behaviors, streamlining strategic planning and execution.

Boosted Customer Loyalty

Improves customer engagement and satisfaction, fostering loyalty and elevating the lifetime value of each customer.

Enhanced Targeting

Enables highly focused marketing efforts, ensuring messages reach the most interested and relevant segments of the audience.

Informed Decision-Making

Facilitates a deeper understanding of customer preferences and trends, supporting informed decision-making and optimizing resource allocation.


Drawing on insights gleaned from extensive collaboration with top-tier financial entities, ADI’s expertise in data science transforms raw data into compelling narratives of customer engagement. Our tailored Stickiness Analysis Framework, encompassing data collection, sophisticated analysis, and actionable insights generation, empowers businesses to enhance customer retention and loyalty.

Unearth predictive indicators of customer behavior, allowing for refined strategy development and execution, with ADI’s comprehensive approach to data-driven decision making.

Predictive Customer Insights

Utilizes historical data analysis to foresee customer retention and churn, offering a granular view of the customer journey for timely interventions.

Adaptive Retention Strategies

Continuously refreshes and adapts models based on new data, ensuring retention tactics remain relevant and impactful in evolving market conditions.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Segments customers by churn risk, enabling more effective use of resources by focusing on personalized strategies for those most at risk.

Cost-Effective Loyalty Enhancement

Streamlines retention efforts to be more economical while significantly increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately maintaining a robust and loyal customer base.


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