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We specialize in empowering cities to embark on transformative journeys through digitization, data science enablement, and smart city roadmapping.

We empower cities to embark on transformative journeys through digitization, data science enablement, and smart city roadmapping. Learn more.

For cities ready to embrace change but uncertain of where to start, we offer tailored support. Our services feature enablement sessions, providing essential knowledge and practical strategies for initiating and executing transformative initiatives.

In our roadmap development workshops, stakeholders collaborate with our experts to craft a comprehensive program of work and design, facilitating an end-to-end process of community redesign and reimagination.

The result? A meticulously crafted roadmap, prioritizing use cases aligned with stakeholders’ smart city goals, driving tangible progress and sustainable development.

Digitization & Data Science Enablement

ADI’s Enablement Sessions prime stakeholders for smart city success, imparting essential digitization and data science skills. This foundational training catalyzes innovation and community progress, paving the way for impactful smart city projects.

Smart City Roadmapping

ADI's Smart City Roadmapping streamlines urban innovation, melding design thinking with expert collaboration to forge clear, actionable roadmaps. This holistic approach aligns community vision with strategic goals, accelerating the journey towards sustainable smart city transformation.

Digitization & Data Science Enablement

ADI’s Digitization & Data Science Enablement catalyzes smart city transformations, melding cutting-edge technology with strategic insights.

Unified Vision

Ensures a cohesive understanding of digital and data-driven methodologies among stakeholders, fostering a unified approach to city transformation.

Streamlined Project Lifecycle

Equips participants with the skills to efficiently navigate project ideation to evaluation, enhancing project outcomes and success rates.

Empowered Decision-Making

Provides the foundational knowledge necessary for stakeholders to make strategic, data-informed decisions, driving forward smart city initiatives with confidence.

Innovation Acceleration

Lays the groundwork for continuous innovation within communities by introducing advanced digital and data science techniques, propelling smart city developments.

Smart City Roadmapping

ADI’s Smart City Roadmapping aligns stakeholder visions with actionable strategies, sculpting the blueprint for future-ready cities.

Strategic Vision Alignment

Ensures all smart city efforts are cohesively aimed towards a unified set of goals, streamlining efforts for maximum impact and clarity of purpose.

Foundational Framework for Future Projects

Establishes a solid groundwork for future initiatives, guaranteeing ongoing innovation and sustainable smart city development.

Actionable Prioritization

Focuses on identifying and advancing high-impact projects, ensuring efficient allocation of resources for swift, visible progress in smart city transformation.

Enhanced Community Design and Imagination

Facilitates a creative, collaborative process of community redesign and reimagination, leading to more livable, innovative, and sustainable urban environments.


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