Sustainability at ADI

Accelerating pathways towards sustainability through Data Science and AI.

Our #OneNewAboitiz Sustainability Synergy


Minimize impact of our businesses and contribute solutions to issues


  • Renewable energy and low carbon opportunities
  • Water security
  • Waste management


Partner with stakeholders in creating value


  • Inclusivity & digitalization
  • Skills for the future
  • Smart & resilient cities

Economic & Governance

Grow profitably and sustainably

Economic &

  • Robust governance structure
  • ESG risk management
  • Market opportunities

Guiding Principles

Anchored on our purpose, we are guided by a clear set of principles that will enable us to achieve our sustainability impact and goals.

“Developing solutions that contribute to environmental sustainability has become a core mission for ADI. The group is involved in many industries, so there is an opportunity to make a real change in our environment.”
Dr. David R. Hardoon, Chief Executive Officer, Aboitiz Data Innovation
Dr. David R. Hardoon, Chief Executive Officer, Aboitiz Data Innovation

Our Partnerships

Empowering Connected Women’s Elevate AIDA graduates to do data handling and image annotation so they can be active contributors to the digital economy and AI industry
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Research partners for sustainability topics and energy storage systems to jointly develop solutions of Artificial Intelligence to facilitate hybrid systems and Energy Transition strategies supporting ESG
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Leveraging AI to support decarbonization and develop responsible solutions for a more climate-resilient energy system in the Philippines and beyond
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